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03. What blocks you from finding, exploring and expressing your authenticity

03. What blocks you from finding, exploring and expressing your authenticity

Three eclipses that keep you from shining your authentic light into the world, or from living an artist life that's authentic to you.

In this episode, you’ll learn about 3 things that might be blocking you from finding, exploring and expressing your authenticity. I call these blocks ‘eclipses’ - kind of like a lunar eclipse or solar eclipse, when something is when something is blocking the light.

We’ll talk about how authenticity shows up in your creative work, artist life & business, and cover the common blocks mindset, imitation and what happens when you get stuck in the trap of obsessing too much about authenticity all together!

I’ll also share some stories from my own journey, about how I had to heal some wounding that affected both my creative and spiritual life, and about what I wish someone would have told me when I was a student in music university trying to figure out what my ‘thing’ was.

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Takeaways from this episode:

  1. Authenticity is not just a feeling! It relates to everything in your creative work and artist life. 

  2. Don’t be too harsh on yourself when you’re trying to figure out what’s authentic to you or about you, because it’s all just one big experiment anyway. 

  3. Start paying attention to the stories and beliefs you hold, so you can start shifting the ones that are limiting you in your artist life, or keeping you from expressing and exploring different parts of your authentic self. 

  4. Heal your past woundings, and forgive the people who have caused you pain, so you can move on in your life. Holding grudges creates negative energy that’s blocking you from being fully free. 

  5. We create the collective consciousness together. Your mindset work will help change the limiting collective stories, and raise the vibration for those around you. 

  6. We all learn through imitation, so don’t be afraid of it. You need the imitation phase in order to find your own voice, grow your own vocabulary and develop your own style.

  7. You have access to your special sauce, but you might not just not know what that sauce is yet, because you’re stuck in the imitation phase. 

  8. If a career path is not aligned with your own authentic self, it’s never gonna make sense to you, no matter how good it looks like to the outside or on your C.V.

  9. You can’t figure out anything without engaging with it. You have to make a lot of stuff in order to find out what your unique voice is. 

Are you dealing with any obstacles to your authenticity right now? Let me know in the comments (or send me a message here or on my Insta).

Thanks for being here, listening to the podcast and reading the blog!

XO Katja

Photo by Ingrid Vente. Find out more about her beautiful photography work here.

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Create From The Source | Katja Maria Slotte
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