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04. Getting past day three

04. Getting past day three

How Resistance can show up in the early stages of your new creative project, and what you can do about it.

To celebrate the fourth episode of the podcast, here's a special episode with a practice from my 12 Days of Create From The Source!

Like Elizabeth Gilbert says in her masterclass Creative Living Beyond Fear on the Calm app, if she would judge her work based on how good the work was, she would never get past day three. And I’ve been thinking about how day four - that crucial day when you either continue the work or stop working - exist in all creative projects that we start. So getting past day three, and dealing with the stuff that happens on day four is something all creatives have got to learn to deal with.

I hope you enjoy this special episode!

I would love to hear from you:

How does Resistance tend to show for you? What strategies could you brainstorm to apply when that Day Four energy really hits you?

I’ll be sharing some of my insights on Resistance and how to deal with Day Four energy in a post here very soon!

Create From The Source | Katja Maria Slotte
Create From The Source podcast
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