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01. From burned out artist back to alignment

01. From burned out artist back to alignment

How do you go from drained, burned out and starving artist to finding alignment? In this episode, I'll share my personal story, and how that led me to create this podcast.

Welcome to the first episode of Create From The Source podcast, part of my new online publication - also called Create From The Source! In this intro episode, I’ll tell you all about what this podcast is about, why I decided to start this show, and what I think this podcast will bring to your life. To give you a little background about that, I’ll share with you a story about going from enthusiastic, multi-passionate creative to drained, burned out and starving artist, and finding back to alignment again.

Takeaways from this episode:

  1. Surround yourself with teachers, coaches and mentors who can not only train you and help you develop your own voice as an artist, teacher and creative entrepreneur, but also encourage you, and hold space for you to grow, giving you challenges & providing you with opportunities to step into the future version of yourself.

  2. Develop your own artistic and teaching style by developing your special sauce. It’s mixed with all the ingredients that you’ve learned and been influenced by, together with your own personality and special talents.

  3. Mindset matters! Not just your own mindset, but also the mindset and beliefs of the people you hang out with and surround yourself with, plays a big role in whether you’ll be successful or not with your goals and the vision you hold for your creative work and life.

  4. The voice of your Source is always speaking to you, but it might be clouded by a lot of noise (like the voice of the Inner Critic and the limiting beliefs and stories of the collective consciousness), so you might need some practice to tune in to the right frequency.

  5. You are the CEO of your artist life & business. Invest in training, coaching and mentoring for your artist life & business, just like you invest in developing your craft and your skills as an artist or teacher.

In this intro post you can read more about what to expect in the Create From The Source online publication:

Get started on the path toward clarity, alignment and steady action toward your vision for your creative projects, artist life & business, by taking up on my offer to book a free intro artist coaching session.

XO Katja

Create From The Source | Katja Maria Slotte
Create From The Source podcast
Welcome to the Create From The Source Podcast! This is the show to help you align with - and create from - your source, so you can create a creative life and business that’s authentic and thriving. This show is made for artists and creative multi-passionate souls, musicians, singers, actors, creative entrepreneurs and teachers of the creative and performing arts. So if you’re a creative and you’re done listening to your Inner Critic and the Starving Artist narratives of the collective, and want to find your own authentic voice in your art & your life, get your creative projects moving steadily forward, and uplift your vibration to create miracles in your life, then you’re in the right place!
In this show, Katja Maria Slotte, artist coach, voice teacher, singer and musician offers tips from the coaching room together with practical creative and spiritual insight for your creative journey, and shares heart-to-heart conversations and inspirational guidance to help artists and creatives connect to their Source and create an aligned artist life that supports their creative work and makes an impact on the world. You'll learn how to get unstuck in creative projects, shift the mindset and beliefs that are holding you back, raise your frequency, align your energy and actions, get into flow, and build an authentic and aligned artist life & business.
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